Friday, August 05, 2005

2,788 words today

62,732 total.

The writing went pretty well today. I even teared up once while writing. That was cool (a good change from an earlier part of the story, where I typed in frustration, "Why's this girl so damn apathetic?" of course it was because that's how *I* was feeling that day). And now I'll take the next two days off, which is good because one of my wrists is really hurting. I picked up that stupid laser printer twice, knowing full well that I shouldn't, and now I'm paying for it. And the stupid thing doesn't even work right. Dammit.

Today I had to get up from the laptop a couple of times in the beginning, do other things before getting back to writing. I think it helped; I wrote more today than the two days before that. But I'm not going to get all analytical about it, it just happened that way. But I'm not going to prevent myself from getting up, like I've read in some writing books you should do. (Hint: writing books are like religions--take from them what you want, discard what doesn't work for you)


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