Thursday, July 28, 2005

YES!! 3,817 words today

I am very happy with myself today. I almost doubled my output. I wrote for two hours. This is a good thing for me to tack onto my word count goal, a time goal. Things helping me this morning:
  • I woke up early
  • I kept to my goal of writing for 2 hours and not looking at word count
  • I just kept whispering to myself, "keep going, you can do it."
  • I'm getting good at this whole 'listening to myself' thing. I think climbing a Fourteener recently is helping me too; just doing it, whether it hurts or not (although on the trail, I had other people cheering me on...I don't necessarily have that here)

I'm extremely close to the halfway goal. (48,176) I've decided after I hit halfway, that's when the plot twist will happen. As close as possible after that 50k mark. That's when everything changes. I'm excited but also scared. I feel like I'm repeating myself. I don't care.

The more I write in this blog, the more I start to say to myself, "GOD you're freaking obsessive. GOD you're freaking anal." But this is what I'm doing, and it's working for me, and that's all that matters. It's kind of like a little reward after writing, I can go and talk about it on my blog. I actually read (as in the thing myself last night, thinking, this is good...not good as in this is quality work that people should enjoy! - but good as in, I'm talking about writing, which inspires me, which helps me feel "real" in this place where I often tell myself, "you're not a writer if you're not published" - but ha! I am published. I've had four poems published in my life. So there .

Now I can delve into one of the novels I bought at the grocery store yesterday. Sadly, there is no real "bookstore" to be had in my small town of less than 10,000. I've been here a little over a year...took some getting used to, not being able to just run out to B&N or Borders every time I feel the fancy. But, there is no shortage of women's fiction/romance on the grocery store shelves, which is what I feel like reading right now.


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