Monday, August 01, 2005

Word count for today: 3,142

Another good day of writing. I'm finding that I'm gaining momentum in this phase of the story.

53,557 words total.

I'm really enjoying the writing right now. The story just took a turn and everything is changing, and I'm getting new ideas for scenes and how the novel will end (and beginning to wonder if the 100k goal will suffice or if I will need to write a lot more, lol).

I took the weekend off, as usual, and I think this helps me. I spent all weekend thinking about the story, letting it gel inside my mind, and even though I don't know exactly what's going to happen in each scene, I only know "Ok, she's going to the hospital today," things come was cool today when I tallied my word count and was about 40 words away from 3k. So I said, I can do 40 more words - and I did, and guess what? A detail came up that I hadn't thought of before that, and it is a cool detail that I'm glad I "thought" of...sometimes I don't think of actually thinking of things, they just sort of appear in my head.


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