Wednesday, July 27, 2005

a few more words today - added 472

I had been mentally nagging at myself all day. C'mon, write a little I did. I'm going to try to not count my words right at the end of what I think is the point I should stop; I'm going to keep writing, try to go a little further. Anyway, today's output is 1,686 words, bringing grand total to 44,359.

One one hand I'm really excited about getting to the halfway point of my goal, total 100k. On the other hand I'm wondering if I'm being a bit too obsessive about the numbers. Everytime I check my word count, it seems anal. And it often is a number that's less than what I want it to be when I check it - like I want it to say 1,000 words, it only says 400. At any rate, I suppose it's a good working motivator for now. Today's "disappointment" at not hitting 2k or above will hopefully spur me tomorrow to write more.

Tomorrow I'm not going to count my words until I've been writing, or sitting at the keyboard thinking about what to write next, for two hours. I think a time limit to give myself before checking my word count will be good for me.


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