Thursday, August 04, 2005

2,486 words today

59,994 total.

Tomorrow I will hit 60k, which is a good stepping stone! I really think the story is actually going somewhere right now, instead of on the way to going somewhere, which is what the first 1/3 of the story feels like...I'm thinking I might lose a lot of the first 30k words, but that's the breaks. I won't know until I'm finished anyway. I'm very much in the "meat" of things right now, I'm learning much more about a character I introduced earlier in the story and was having struggles with before ("Who the hell is this guy?"). I still don't know the outcome of one major part of the story, but this will come to me (I hope) before I need to figure that out.

I've got dozens of places in the story that I need to fix logical-wise, but I'm trying my best to ignore them right now, just jot down little notes in my notebook (that notebook is getting filled with all sorts of stuff right now! I know a lot more about comas than I did a week ago...even been thinking I need to check out a hospital before the next draft to get my descriptions a little more concreteness). I just keep thinking, if I go back to fix one thing, I'm going to have to fix another, and another, and another and before I know it I'll have completely changed everything and won't have the energy to finish.

To finish is the only goal right now. It looks like it might be another month before the first draft is complete. Sure, I have some great days where I'm writing furiously...but I always seem to get a hard day or two thrown in there that evens out my progress. I'm not going to push myself too hard and then watch myself give up because I wanted too much out of myself. I am looking forward to the revision process: one big thing will be after ironing out the big details, I'll be able to break sections down into chapters. You don't have chapters? I hear you say in surprise. Nope, no chapters. So that will be fun. When it starts to take on the shape of a real-life book, that will be cool. Definitely something to look forward to!


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