Tuesday, July 26, 2005

2,103 words today

Today I didn't really feel like writing; I woke up late, lazed around for a bit, took a shower...finally sat down to the computer. But I did it, and reached my goal. So I'm happy. Sometimes I feel like I don't write enough, but 2k words is a good amount...I think I'm just anxious to get the thing done. That will be another 5 weeks or so, if my output stays similar.
I'm glad, at least, that even when I don't feel like writing I still do...and I've been somewhat more satisfied with my writing lately - as in, I'm not cringing at every other word...
Keeping a daily notebook with my word count, as well as posting it here, is really helping me stay motivated! So is the fact that I'm actually looking forward to being done with it so that I can "really" start writing...lol.


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