Saturday, November 12, 2005

Day Twelve of NaNoWriMo

2,766 words today. I fucking rock. Got past the 17k mark. Woo hoo!! I'm getting closer to being caught up. Still about 3,000 words behind but if I can kick out some extra words tomorrow, I might actually be set up to be at the halfway mark by the 15th, which is my plan.

Hanging around all day while my husband is upstairs, sleeping off a muscle relaxer (poor guy) reminds me of how pathetic TV is on Saturdays (until MadTV and SNL, of course). But I found something to soothe my channel-surfing calloused fingers - My Name is Earl. Pretty funny, and I like Jason Lee. And he's hosting SNL tonight. Score! And I didn't have to watch college football all freakin' day. What a coup. LOL, it's been a while since I've written that word...

Feeling the reading bug coming back. It's always like that with me. I have a hard time staying consistent with pretty much anything. (Why do you think I joined this crazy novel-writing contest?)


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