Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Day Nine of NaNoWriMo - slowly improving

Mah God, it's before 1 o'clock and I've reached my 2k goal for the day, as well as my 10k goal for total word count. Just goes to show you, if you put your mind to something...I literally woke up this morning to write. (and luckily, when my character was signing up for something and I wanted to check the internet for something, I didn't have it hooked up...a good habit! the internet is DANGEROUS for me. DANGEROUS.)

I think I'll even do another session later in the afternoon. My goal is to get to 25k by November 15. That gives me, not including today, 6 days to complete about 15k words. That's about 2,500 words a day. Simply put, doable if I just keep pushing (and pray for one of those great 4,000 word days). No days off on the weekend, no lazy days where I write 900 words and call it good. I hope to be able to hold myself to this. My thinking is that if I catch up, I mean actually catch up, then I'll be able to write under 2k a day and still be on track - much easier than trying to catch up, and feeling bad because I can't (really I shouldn't worry about it so much).

Other: my 'scene list' has 33 bullets on it. I've gotten to bullet number 7 (well, I've got 7 set up but not completely executed). Yay me! I kind of had a scene inserted from a later number to, so I could effectively say I'm on number 8. What does that mean? Not much, but hey...progress is progress!


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