Friday, November 04, 2005

NaNoWriMo Day Four

After a totally unproductive day yesterday and underproductive first two days, I actually got some more done today. I'm still not up to the daily word goal, but I'm banking on getting more into the story through the middle. The beginning is somewhat hard for me - I did finish the first scene and am now working on the second. (Why is it I can't resist throwing in backstory/emotional drivel every time a character sits down or picks something up? It's a sickness I tell you.)

Total word count, (per MS Word)is 4,053. I'd better get moving this weekend unless I want to get even further behind.

I'm wrestling with the whole 'idea in head'/'idea on paper' thing. I even said to myself today, "It works so much better when it's in my head." Meaning, it's hard to mess up when there's no physical evidence. I'm finding that the 'idea' I had of my character's personality is harder to show through her own thoughts/actions (it's a first person story), so I'm trying to creatively show ways in which she interacts with others, and how people react to her's definitely a learning process!

Unfortunately, I have this love/hate relationship with writing (well, with life actually) that gives me trouble when actually getting to the page and writing. Once I start, even if it's slow usually I can keep at's actually getting to the point where I'm saying "I'm going to write now" that seems to be the problem. Which is weak, man...I'm hoping that I just need to establish the routine again, then it won't be so freaking hard.


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