Monday, August 22, 2005

2,153 words today

I wrote, I didn't get far and can't escape the nagging feeling that my WIP is void of meaning or excitement. It really sucks. But I'll get through it...

It was raining all weekend, so my husband didn't get to climb his fourteener. I was actually thinking I might give it a go with him, but it didn't happen that way. So, we went and soaked in some hot springs instead. That was nice.

Didn't help my WIP any though, I had been planning to write yesterday and didn't get to; I thought that would make me more motivated to write today, but it didn't. I really need a direction right now...plodding along with this boring-sounding dialogue is not working... And waiting for the next scene or scenes to come to me through inspiration is not working yet...I'll actually have to force my brain to think through it logically.

82,902 total.


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