Friday, July 22, 2005

Today's word count: 2,118

I got up early this morning and wrote, it was great. I was thinking about my story last night, and was able to get some momentum today. I'm actually looking to a point where I'm more excited (confident) about the writing and will surpass the 2k average I've been hitting.

I would write more, but my husband and I are leaving for a trip this weekend (a break from writing?'s with family...I'm sure I won't get any writing done). I LOVE the feeling of wishing I could write more! It's so much better than "I don't wanna write I don't wanna write" that I get into sometimes when putting things off.

So my total word count is somewhere around 38,500 - getting closer and closer to the midway point of 50k! woo hoo!! That will be a real accomplishment for me, and the more I write the more motivated I am to finish, no matter what. I am on a high, can you tell? :D

Now I'm off to pack and take a shower in 20 minutes, hope I don't forget anything!


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