Monday, July 25, 2005

2,052 words today//40,570 words total

I'm beginning to feel that I might possess the motivation needed to become an author. Today was one of those days where the writing feels really good at first, and by about 1,300 words I'm checking every fifty words to see how much farther I have to go to meet my "second" goal of 2k words. 500 words is just too easy right now (that feels good to say!).

My problem lately is, I think my scenes are moving too slowly. Today's scene started out w/my character getting taken home from a party by someone, and 2,000 words later they're barely wrapping up at the restaurant he took her to because she didn't feel like going home. It's a lot of dialogue, and I suppose I shouldn't care at this stage in the writing; but I do worry about it. It's been like this the last couple of weeks - I'm feeling that I'm just taking too long with these scenes. I get to the end of my writing day and go, "Wow, I didn't get too many words will I cut from this eventually?" But I'm stayinig true to the idea that I can get through this first draft and evaluate the finished novel from a more experienced perspective. Besides, how can I know the scene is too long until the whole thing is finished? How can I know if it's moving too slowly until I can go over the whole thing? And I will have a whole thing, I know it. It feels good to be confident about writing, it really does.


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