Tuesday, July 19, 2005

excerpts from my novel-in-progress

This is from the beginning:

She went to the trash bin in the kitchen, and spotted the paper underneath a large collection of cigarette butts and crusts from Maylon’s toast, a small part of these items congealed together with a large wad of Maylon’s spit. She avoided all that and picked that paper up by one edge, letting the nastiness fall into the bin off of the paper. Jamie knew Maylon wouldn’t be checking the trash to see if the paper was still in there, but ever since she had decided to move out she was compelled to hide any traces of evidence that she was looking for a new place or even thinking of leaving. It would be best to just copy the number and leave the paper in the trash. And best to call from work, where there was no way Maylon would know she ever placed a call. She found the ad, copied the number onto a piece of paper she swore to herself she’d throw away before coming home, and started getting ready for work.

Boring, huh? Well I just wanted to see it online, anyway. :P

“A writer, that’s neat,” Jamie said. She’d never known any real writers, only a few bad poets had tried to win her over with no success.

(LOL, of course a writer with a character who writes. classic.)

Well, when I started writing this novel, after little planning, I decided it was going to be a crappy novel and I was going to let it be just that, to 'free myself' from a constant Mr. Bringdown ('that sucks, why are you writing that?') in my head (better known as the Inner Critic). I'm coming back into writing after a few years of other obsesssions (The Sims - it still controls half my life - beware!). I've read that so many people get caught up in editing before they finish; and they never finish. So I'm not editing anything (except, the other day I did go through and take out a bunch of really's and very's - but that's surface stuff). I know I've got whole sections of crap, but I'm just ignoring it and plowing on. I've got a party coming up tomorrow. :D In my book, I mean.


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