Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I need to write

I mean, I need to write in something other than a blog, or an e-mail, or a user identity and password.

Everybody's asking, have you started writing again? And now I just have to admit to them...I'm in the avoidance stange...though I can still weakly call it a percolation stage. (LOL, this was the novel I wanted to be done with, originally, by end of December.)

So tomorrow, on my to-do list, is FREE-WRITE. Writing without any pressure, just writing. and not to publish, or share, or blog, or anything. I used to journal pages a day...five years ago. What has happened? Maybe when I felt my life was 'better', less filled with drama and rage and emotion (still to an extent, but less so) that I didn't need that release. But now I find things creep up again when you don't flush them out.

I recently proposed to my husband that we should have a full day where we don't watch TV or spend time on the computer. This would be novel for us. He immediately brings up the fact that this would be hard to plan, because he has so many sports related things he'd like to watch. I'm still going to push for this. I think it would help us a lot.


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