Saturday, September 03, 2005

1,620 words today

Getting back on track. Something major happened today in the story. Someone died. I've been thinking a lot about my character, how in the grand scheme of things she's...well, kind of weak-willed and sloppily characterized. I don't know that I'll just be able to insert character here and there, pepper in what needs to be added and make it "right." You know, how good finished works are just "right" because they're well-done. The books I've been reading lately seem so tight compared to what I've got, they revolve around this central thing; whereas my WIP seems to just meander along...there is a central idea, but I'm still learning how to write around the central idea so that it's good. Hell, I might well be trashing this book (except that I promised people I would let them read it. Oh, why in the hell did I do that?) But I've got to finish it first, I suppose, before I can decide that.

91,940 total


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